Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wolverine - Fun future and familiar characters

I've known about the Wolverine movie for a while, but I didn't really start looking into it until today. I admit, I wasn't too excited about it (Wolverine's backstory, while not uninteresting, is not something I want to watch for an entire movie), but now that I've found out a few extras details I'd really like to see it. The main thing that makes me want to see it is that I've just found out a few of Marvel characters I like are going to turn up: Gambit (played by Taylor Kitsch) and Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds). I believe Gambit's name flashed onscreen sometime during one of the first two X-Men movies, but I hadn't ever really expected him to show up. I'm guessing that, with the age difference between movie Gambit and movie Rogue, the comic book's romantic storyline involving those two characters probably won't come up. However, you never know.

As far as Deadpool goes, I'm just amazed he's being allowed onscreen. I love the character, I really do, but I also realize that there are a lot of things he does that could be considered unacceptable in a live action movie (versus a comic book). Just as a general example, the guy is cheerfully homicidal and keeps an elderly blind lady prisoner (sort of - it's a really complex and strange relationship). He kills lots and lots of people, and yet, the way it's done in the comics, this is sometimes more funny than horrific. In Wolverine, Deadpool is just going to get a brief appearance, but there are already rumors that he'll be getting a movie of his own. That's nice, but how will moviemakers balance the original story's bizarre humor, violence, and drama? He can't be Deadpool without the full mix.

The article I read ("10 Essential Facts about 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'" by Matt McDaniel) mentioned that the Wolverine movie is only the first of a whole slew of movies planned to be made that will be set in the same world. Only two are mentioned in this article - "Magneto" and "X-Men: First Class." Although "X-Men: First Class" has the potential to be too geared towards a teenage audience (there's a whole article about that, as well), I'm still more interested in that than "Magento."

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