Friday, February 13, 2009

TBR stuff, courtesy of Unshelved's banners

It's been a few days since I last looked at Unshelved, but that was enough time to miss the beginning of the "Book a Day" banners. Fortunately, they'll be sticking around for a bit in the Unshelved archives - yay! I always love adding to my TBR list, even though it's always longer than I could possibly ever finish.

I've taken a look at the banners, and here's what I'd like to read sometime (this is almost, but not quite, everything from those banners):
  • The God Stalker Chronicles by P.C. Hodgell - This is actually two books in one. The description for this makes it sound odd and confusing, yet still potentially appealing. I'm willing to give it a try sometime. Although the description made me think of books by lots of other authors (Robert Jordan, Guy Gavriel Kay, etc.), this book seems to have things that their books don't (not that I remember, anyway): a female main character (makes me think of Tamora Pierce and Robin McKinley) and a quirky sense of humor (hopefully it doesn't turn out to be more accurate to say that the description, rather than the book, has a quirky sense of humor).
  • The Battered Body by J.B. Stanley - I've only really started to read mysteries in the past five years or so, and I still don't read them very often. However, some of my favorite mystery authors write cozies, so I like to try out new cozies every once in a while. Food cozies, like this one, can be fun, even if I could never make the recipes that tend to come with them work out. I may occasionally like to bake and cook, but I'm not good at it, and hardly any of these recipes ever seem to be of the "For Dummies" sort.
  • Tea in the Library by Annette Freeman - I tend to just gobble up books that have connections to books (or places with books). Freeman writes about fulfilling her dream of opening a bookshop cafe, only to discover that running a bookshop can be more frustrating and difficult than she ever imagined.
  • Rhapsody in Green: The Garden Wit and Wisdom of Beverley Nichols edited by Roy C. Dicks - I've never read any of Nichols's works and I'm not a gardener, but this book looks funny and interesting all the same.
  • A Rule Against Murder by Louise Penny - Another cozy mystery, this one set in a small Canadian village. What caught my eye about this one was a quote from the book - apparently, one of the characters really does have a rule against murder.
  • The Color of Earth (vol. 1) and The Color of Water (vol.2) by Kim Dong Hwa - I don't read a lot of Korean manwha, so I don't know this author/artist, but the sites I've linked to have a couple sample pages - the artwork is clean and simple, but pretty. I like the covers of these books even more. The actual story sounds more serious than what I usually read, but I'd be willing to give it a try (although I suspect I should wait a while before trying to get these through ILL). Since this is manwha, however, I'll have to train my eyes not to read it from right to left (most Japanese manga is now published in the US in the original Japanese right to left format) - I even started to read the sample pages from right to left before I caught myself!

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