Monday, February 9, 2009

Book - A Guide to a Course in Government Documents by Helen Q. Schroyer

I just finished the book (actually, short guide) A Guide to a Course in Government Documents by Helen Q. Schroyer [Z674.I52 no.135]. I'm not really as knowledgeable about government documents as I'd sometimes like to be. However, even I know that there are parts where this book, published in 1978, is out of date. Still, there were portions that I found to be very helpful. After doing a long-term government documents clean-up project at the previous library I worked at, I thought I had gained a little bit of an idea of how SuDoc numbers work, but this book made me realize that there was a lot that I hadn't even noticed. I think I probably would've gotten more out of this book if I'd had the time and willpower to actually try to do some of the assignments listed at the end of every section - trying these assignments out would've at least shown me more areas where this book is either out-of-date or still relevant. If, in the future, I'm asked to work with the Dick Smith Library's government documents, I may return to this book and try some of these assignments out, but for now I'm not really all that interested.

The next library science book I plan to tackle deals with the organization of information, so I'm looking forward to that. It seems much more theoretical than this one, so I guess I'll have to see how I deal with that. Eventually, I'd like to try something on FRBR, which is still a topic that confuses me more than I'd like.

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