Thursday, February 12, 2009

OCLC Connexion Client Interface

Today was the last day of the 3-day Amigos class I've been taking on the OCLC Connexion client interface. Some of the things I learned were very nifty (for me, anyway). For instance, I had no idea that the Connexion client has a tool that can extract metadata from a website or file and use it to create a basic MARC record (one in serious need of editing, but still). I think I might experiment with that tomorrow. Another nifty thing I learned about is constant data. I've been using constant data for a while now (dissertations would be even more time-consuming to catalog without the constant data template I've created), so it's not really something that's new to me, but the class did teach me some very important things about it.

For the next couple weeks or so, I'd like to do some experimentation and see how the OCLC Connexion client might fit in with my work. While I'd love to do all my cataloging directly in Connexion (spellcheck! record validation! constant data! smarter headings checker!), there are certain issues I'd have to resolve first, and some of those issues might not be resolvable at this time. However, I already do all of my original cataloging directly in Connexion, so the things I learned over the past three days would be useful for that.

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