Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hastings has manga!

Ok, so this probably isn't news to many people, but it's news to me. Before I moved here, I'd never been to a Hastings before - now, unless I manage to find my entertainment at Wal-Mart (I'm addicted to $5 movies...) or buy it online (I do this a lot - RightStuf and Amazon are my companies of choice), Hastings is my best bet. The last time I was at Hastings, which happened to be the second time I'd been there, my big discoveries were that Hastings sells used (and therefore cheap) stuff in addition to new and that Hastings has an ok selection of anime. I only wish that they sold more anime boxed sets - single DVDs are fine, but they can be a bit daunting when a series is 26, 52, or 100+ episodes long. I'd rather just bite the bullet and get a whole season or series all at once.

I went to Hastings again a few days ago - I remembered seeing the Invader Zim boxed set there when I first moved to Stephenville and wanted to see if it was still there (if it had ever been there at all, since I might've imagined it). I thought I remembered it costing $20-$30, which would've been a steal, since the series has now become very expensive. Well, if Hastings had it at one time, they no longer had it when I visited. I didn't go home empty handed, though. I spotted their graphic novel section and then hunted down their manga section - by the way, it's a little confusing to put the omnibus manga volumes in the graphic novel area when all the rest of the manga are somewhere else. Anyway, the manga selection isn't the best I've ever seen, but it's the best I've seen since I moved here. Plus, since Hastings sells used stuff, including used manga, the prices of some of the manga were the best I've ever seen anywhere. I was tempted to blow my entire luxuries budget for the month at one go, but I restrained myself and only bought a couple volumes. I figure a fair-sized chunk of my money will be going to Hastings from now on. Manga for less than $5 - happy dance!

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