Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I want to be a cheetah!

Things I learned to do in Second Life yesterday:
  1. Dress myself without accidentally becoming publicly naked.
  2. Unpack free clothing so that, instead of wearing the boxes the clothing comes in, I wear the clothing itself.
My avatar no longer looks like Corporate Barbie - now her appearance better matches her last name, Wikifoo (heehee, Wikifoo). At least, that's what I think. If I can figure out how, I'll try to take a picture of her sometime and post it.

That doesn't mean she's going to continue to look the way she currently does. Once I get brave enough, I'm going to mess with her skin and try to turn her into...a cheetah! Yes, that's right, I think I've managed to pick up a free cheetah skin and I'd like to try it out. My only fear is that I won't be able to figure out how to change it back if I don't like it. It might be kind of embarrassing to show up to a meeting in Second Life looking like a cheetah. Or a fox. Or a wolf. Or a horse. My avatar could be a bipedal horse. With dragons...

As far as my original "I'd like to change my hair color" issue goes, I've now decided that that's not actually possible, at least not the way I had thought it should be. I think I'd have to either figure out how to modify the object (in this case, my hair) or somehow acquire hair in that exact style in whatever color I'd like. Whatever, I know how to unpack boxes now. Ha.

While I know there's still a lot of things I haven't learned how to do, I think I'm ready to try teleporting to another island now. With any luck, I can figure out how to get back to Orientation or Help Island if I'd like to do more relatively "safe" experimenting (and pick up more free stuff).

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