Sunday, January 10, 2010

Drinking coffee, marveling at the adorableness

Aww. Bear has gotten to the point in his life where he's calm enough and trusting enough that, when he sees me stick my hand into his cage, instead of getting nervous and/or excited, he stretches out and closes his eyes (!), hoping for a good neck rub. So adorable. And I am so wrapped around his little pink fingers.

Anyway, if I can bring myself to write something coherent about it, I plan on writing a post about the newest book on cataloging that I've finished, or at least a post about a few of my favorite articles. I'm up much earlier than I'd like today, so I can hopefully manage to get laundry done - maybe that'll translate into more time later today for blogging? Unless I go to the movies - I haven't decided on that one yet, since the only movie I'd at all want to go see that I haven't seen yet seems more than a little iffy. When even a movie's premise seems awful, the movie itself probably isn't much better, but I might enjoy it anyway because I like the actress who plays the main character. Hmm... (The movie in question, by the way, is Leap Year. Read the premise and try to tell me it doesn't sound bad. Your nose may grow.)

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