Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Podcasts while cataloging

Usually I listen to anime radio when I catalog - lots of their songs remind me of shows I enjoy, plus it helps that I don't understand most of the songs and am therefore not focused on the lyrics (although, embarrassingly enough, I've listened to this for long enough that I can now sing along to some of the songs, whether or not I actually understand the lyrics). However, I'm going to try to listen to more library/information science podcasts while I catalog - there's lots of great information out there, and I'm basically a captive audience as I catalog.

I decided to start this with a podcast interview with Jeff Pollack, about his book The Semantic Web for Dummies. Although I didn't understand everything they talked about, it was interesting, and I might see about reading the book sometime. The website I've linked to has the podcast and links to resources mentioned in the podcast.

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  1. Great idea! Unfortunately, I'm out on a public services desk all day, but this is a wonderful idea for you technical services folk.