Friday, March 6, 2009

Interesting books cataloged March 2-6

There's lots this week, since I cataloged quite a few gift books as part of a little project to try to figure out how to use Workflows and OCLC Connexion together.
  • The thirteenth tale : a novel by Diane Setterfield [PR6119.E86 T48 2006] - The description for this book reminds me a bit of the anime movie Millennium Actress (not the director's best, but still quite good, and certainly jaw-dropping at points).
  • Mr. Timothy : a novel by Louis Bayard [PS3552 .A85864 M7 2003] - As far as I can tell, this is almost "A Christmas Carol" fan fiction. "Mr. Timothy" is Timothy Crachit from the original story.
  • The Audubon quartet by Ray Sipherd [PS3569 .I59 A94 1998] - An art-related mystery.
  • Eye of the archangel : a Mallory and Morse novel of espionage by Forrest DeVoe [PS3604 .E887 E94 2007] - The cover makes me think of James Bond.
  • The survivors club by Lisa Gardner [PS3557 .A7132 S87 2002]
  • The Da Vinci code : a novel by Dan Brown [PS3552 .R685434 D3 2003] - I've heard that this book's writing is actually quite bad - this only makes me want to read it more, to judge for myself and finally see what the fuss was all about.
  • Cause of death by Patricia Cornwell [PS3553.O692 C38 1996] - Yet another Cornwell book on the list.

I also cataloged several children's picture books (with many more on the way - two shelves of my 6-shelf book truck are full of picture books).


  1. The Thirteenth Tale audiobook is particularly good - I think you'll have that one coming down the pike soon.

    I thought Da Vinci Code was already in our catalog - those were replacements I donated because the original is "missing." Maybe they had different ISBNs...

    You'll be getting LOTS more picture books over the next few months!!

  2. The Da Vinci Code was already in our catalog - but I count things I have to match to bib records as having been "cataloged" as well. Also, I think I probably overlaid the record anyway, because it had since been updated and had information (like maybe a summary and better subject headings) that the record we already had in our catalog didn't have.