Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hail - eek!

For the most part, I've enjoyed Stephenville's weather, but I definitely don't like its hail. During the last hailstorm we had (the first one I've experienced since moving here), my poor, 5-month-old car got lots of little dents. I ended up not getting it fixed, because I'm not made of money, I recently had to pay a deductible to fix the car after someone hit it in a parking lot, and the damage was basically just cosmetic.

According to various weather news sources, we're in for some thunderstorms and hail today. I'm hoping for no additional damage, but, if something does happen, I'd prefer it to be no worse than last time. Oh, my poor car. :o(

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  1. At home my car is always in the garage (covered parking has always been a requirement for places I live), but there won't be much I can do about a hailstorm here at work. My car is a 2002 and I'm not even sure if I have comprehensive coverage - if I do, it's a big deductible, so I would probably not get hail damage fixed either.