Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Going through stuff, or at least thinking about it

I have almost 1600 unread emails. Part of the problem is that I don't subscribe to the digest form of anything, so nearly all of them come from the various listservs I subscribe to. Almost half of them come from PERSNAME-L. It's a great listserv for finding about about possible incorrect name heading forms in bibliographic records and, I think, the occasional name authority record correction/change. However, I almost never have the time to go through the emails, and, even when I do, it's stuff I tend not to be able to do in great big chunks (as in "physically can't do in great big chunks"). PERSNAME-L is followed by MARCEDIT-L (the listserv for MARCEdit, great MARC editing software), another great resource. Mostly, I read MARCEDIT-L for catalog maintenance ideas, although I've gotten an amazing amount of help just by emailing the listserv any questions I have.

While working on cleaning out my emails, I finally decided to delete some emails that mentioned taking care of Bear after his surgery. It's weird, boring little emails can make me sad - before those, it was photos of Bear and Yuki I found on my cell phone (which have no plans to ever delete). My cell phone is like a graveyard of pets - I found photos of Cinnamon (my family's dog, who died days after I came to Stephenville) and Felix (one of my family's cats, who also died after I came to Stephenville).


  1. Like the new blog design!

    I hear you on the listservs. I gave up on the couple I was on shortly after finishing library school and getting the job at Tarleton. Just could not keep up with them any more. Now I'm finding a similar situation with RSS, Bloglines, etc. I used to follow a lot of library/librarian blogs but have pretty much quit reading those - partly because it seems a lot of them don't post much any more. I suppose they've all moved to Twitter (and I'm barely there).

  2. As long as you can get to archives of list-serv that helps. I have TONS of email in folders myself. I just try to keep the inbox cleaned out so I don't have too much on the exchange server.

    I hear you Amanda on the Blogs vs. twitter. A Blog is so much better because you can wait several days before you read it...If you don't look at twitter EVERY minutes, you get so buried you miss all the info!

  3. Amanda,

    I've tried out stuff with Blogger's new template designer, but this is the first time I saved the results. It's pretty, although I still wish there were template options that had "width by percentage" as their default (if there are any, I don't know about them). It seems to load a bit slower, though.

    My listservs are pretty bad, but at least I don't subscribe to too many RSS feeds.

  4. Tracy, archives are great, but they only work out for me if I have a question I know. The emails themselves sometimes let me know about stuff I never even thought of. Of course, that can have its own problem - like I really need yet another can of worms to open up! I've got enough projects to do right now.