Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wiki updates on series searching

Today I updated our Staff Wiki with all kinds of new information about series title searching, although a lot of it won't really be true until the database gets reindexed (after the reindexing, I'll be adding another illustrative image to the stuff I wrote in the wiki). However, I'm really excited about the recent changes Tracy and I did - I hope they'll make our series title browse more useful. At the very least, the changes cleared up a lot of inconsistencies we had in our settings - always a big "yay" in my book. It's no wonder I had so much trouble wrapping my brain around the way our series browse searching works.

Unrelated to the actual content of the wiki page ("Catalog Records", which should probably be renamed, but I can't figure out what would be better), I'm also happy I managed to add a table of contents to the page. I have a feeling the page will get pretty unwieldy in the future, and a table of contents should help deal with that a bit.

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  1. Yeah you! Lets just hope we can get the Library Staff to actually USE the wiki. I get depressed when I look at the page and it shows most of the library staff have not logged in for months...