Friday, May 28, 2010

Something to look forward to

In a couple weeks or so, I will have a new computer, my first desktop PC in 8 years. I've been saving up for it for two years and can't wait to get it - I hope everything goes ok. It took quite a bit of time on the phone to get the whole "being shipped to a different address than the billing address" part to work out, but I'd rather deal with that than having to take a couple days off, one day for the monitor and one for the computer itself, just to wait around for the FedEx guy.

The nifty thing about having to order this over the phone (because of the address complications) is that I discovered that I get an additional discount for working for Tarleton, so the whole thing was $100 cheaper than I originally thought it would be. Yay! It's not just Dell that gives us discounts, it's HP, too.

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