Friday, April 9, 2010

World War II is over - next up, the Vitenam War

Technically, we're dealing with the Vietnamese Conflict, not the Vietnam War. Hopefully, all our Vietnamese Conflict headings are now updated - I was going to check, but I seem to be having problems accessing the library's website. More than likely I'll have some manual cleanup to do, though. World War II took more manual cleanup than I expected. Just a few examples - headings in which the war started in 1930 or 1936 (typos, don't you love them?), and an instance where the war was a geographic subject heading (which would mean World War II was a place, not an event - an interesting idea for, say, a writer to play around with, but not something that has any place in our catalog).


  1. Quality Control where are you?????

    What issues were you having accessing the website? When?

  2. No, looks like 7 survived, but that's an easier manual cleanup than the original number was - I think there were at least 25.