Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Second Life snapshot

I figured out how to take a picture of my screen in Second Life (not a screenshot, which would also show my avatar's name floating above her head, but a "clean" picture). So, here's a picture of me on some island - I can't remember the name of it. It's the one where I fell into the ocean. In the background, you can see a dunk tank, which I've never seen in action, and a merry-go-round. I think there's some kind of water park or something in this picture, too. My computer doesn't really like this island much, because there's so much stuff on it - it takes forever for everything to rez (rez = to appear/finish loading). I don't currently have access to a computer that meets Second Life's minimum requirements - I wonder what Second Life would be like if I did?


  1. What are Second Life's minimum requirements? Maybe we can Frankenstein one of the older laptops to get it up to seed and you could use that at home? (If Donna agrees)

  2. I didn't say that quite right - Second Life can still work if a computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements. Neither the computer I have here at work nor the one I have at home meets the minimum requirements (I got a warning messages), but Second Life still works on both computers. I think it probably just doesn't work as well as it should - things taking forever to rez, Second Life crashing when I changed the Sunlight settings from night to sunrise, etc. So, it does work - no worries there.