Thursday, February 4, 2010

So very lazy

I used to try to get stuff done during my mornings off. Now I sleep and do useless stuff on the Internet. YouTube, Facebook, and webcomics. At the very least, I should slog through some more Second Life (and I might actually do that in a bit) or write some book blog posts. There's also plenty of time to make muffins, do a little housework, get a haircut, and finish up an ILL book.

I don't see any of that happening this morning. In fact, it's chilly enough that I'm considering just going back to bed for a while. Brrr. At least I managed to make a batch of muffins last night (Chocolate Cream, in which the "cream" part is sour cream - very good, uses one bowl, and easy to make). I'm still considering what I'll make for the bake sale next week. Chocolate Cream? Blackberry? Pear? Or maybe even one of the savory muffins, like Parmesan Herb or Rye? Decisions, decisions...

1 comment:

  1. Try not to get in the habit of doing work during your personal time. We all do it a little (if only to make up for the time we goof off or do personal stuff while at work), but it can get excessive. I think reading the ILL book in bed is a great option!

    Where is your book blog?