Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Info for the staff blog?

I don't post much on the staff blog (actually, I don't think I've posted anything at all in months there). It feels kind of weird posting there, I guess because, prior to coming here (to DSL), I'd had no experience posting on blogs with multiple authors. Plus, I'm never sure if some of the things I think about are things people would actually want to see posted on the staff blog - which brings me to the reason I'm writing this post.

I was talking to Cathy W. about a search I had formulated for a Biology professor (mainly because I wanted an excuse to contact him, just to remind him that I exist). That got us to talking about some of the other searches I've formulated and posted on this blog (click "searching" in the labels list for a few examples). Some of the searches are relatively simple, like the one for limiting a search to musical scores. Some of them are a bit nastier, with long explanations that are kind of necessary if you want to be able to customize them for your needs and understand their limitations (like the post I wrote on searching for books, or limiting a search, by number of pages) - plus, the explanations help me vent my nerdiness. It's hard for me to tell what kinds of things others might actually want to know about, and what kinds of things would just make people's eyes glaze over. I post them on this blog because I figure people can either choose to read what I write or not, and there will be a general expectation that occasionally I'll be boring and wordy.

But, should I post some of this stuff on the staff blog? Stuff like the scores post, yes, stuff like the number of pages post, no? All searches I think up, no matter how complicated-looking, yes? Any thoughts?


  1. Yes for all. Although honestly I think most of the same people that read this blog read the staff blog. Well, maybe a few more read the staff blog, and you might get more feedback (and recognition).

  2. I was going to say the same as Amanda...I think of the people who read the staff blog already ready your blog.

    The staff blog is open to ANYTHING you want to post. I try to post all type of stuff there: fun stuff, articles, questions, opinions.

    I think some of the searching stuff is really cool, but I personally have never had any need for it.

    (OH and I TOTALLY agree about the 590 stuff)

  3. I don't imagine that I'll ever find myself using most of my "nifty searches" at the reference desk, but sometimes they help with the more complex questions that Cathy W. or others bring to me.

    I might repost some of the stuff at the staff blog, then, but I'm still at least posting the stuff here. Maybe I can figure out how to cut some of the nerdiness out for the repostings. :)