Thursday, December 10, 2009

The most horrific children's book ever

I just did a quick search to see if we have Don't make me go back, Mommy : a child's book about ritual abuse. We don't. The scanned pages are horrific (particularly in the "part 2" post). I wonder how many people have actually read that book to their children? Are there really parents who worry that someone may be trying to perform satanic rituals on their children and who therefore feel that their children must know what kinds of behaviors to report?


  1. No, we don't have that one (it's of the type that I don't think ever would have been purchased here), but since you first mentioned Awful Library Books here, I HAVE found two books discussed on it downstairs. I don't look up the ones that might be in the stacks.

  2. I haven't looked up a lot of them, but it's quite likely we could have some of the books mentioned on Awful Library Books in the stacks. Although the criteria for weeding aren't necessarily the same for an academic library versus a public library, there are certain areas, like our career and resume books, where I think we should definitely be holding ourselves to the same standards as a public library. Maybe at some point I'll go through the books listed on Awful Library Books and see what we've got. In the meantime, I have to make myself go through our Biology books...