Friday, September 18, 2009

Classification of video recordings

Every time I catalog DVDs/VHS tapes, I learn something new, since this isn't a format I normally work with. For instance, I've learned a lot about how other libraries handle classification of fiction DVDs and videos. One of these days, especially if there are signs that our DVD collection will be growing significantly, it'd be nice to go over our DVD collection and reclassify anything that needs it (I could include our VHS collection, but I'm betting our DVD collection will be around longer).

I'm currently trying to be good about recording any classification decisions I've made, in the hopes that future classification efforts can be more consistent that they have been. Some things have been classified very oddly over the years, or there have been misunderstandings about the correct way to apply LC's classification schedule (understandable, since LC classification works best for non-fiction).


  1. You are right, VHS is not going to grow; in fact I need to do some severe weeding in that area (although such weeding would be almost all outdated nonfiction).

    I don't think the DVD collection will grow THAT much. Almost everything we get is by the request of a department. I select very few entertainment DVDs, although we do get a few donated.

  2. hummm...this sounds like a project I could get behind. Let me know if there is anyway I can help make the AV stuff better...(anything to get away from proxy URLs!)

    Thanks for all you do...Our catalog is SO MUCH BETTER since you got here! :)