Thursday, September 17, 2009

Anime online, from FUNimation

I absolutely love that FUNimation is showing free episodes of certain series - sometimes an entire series is available for viewing online. It's now possible to legally try out a series and see if it's worth buying. Yay!

Currently on my list to be watched, whenever I can scrape together the time and willpower:
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - I've watched a little so far, and it's not bad, but the original series and manga are more coherent.
  • Baccano - Watched the first episode so far and it was good, but violent.
  • Basilisk - The website for this show has, if I remember right, a list of death scenes, so I imagine this one is violent, maybe more than I'd like. Yet another reason to try it out, so I know if it's really something to add to my "buy it" list.
  • Big Windup - Baseball and teamwork. Sounds like a feel good series.
  • Darker Than Black - I didn't realize FUNimation had made this one available online! Yes!
  • Desert Punk - My dad may like this one more than me - the jokes seem very guy-oriented.
  • Devil May Cry - I've seen artwork for this, and it looked good, but I don't know about the show itself.
  • Ergo Proxy - I've been on the fence about this show for ages.
  • Gunslinger Girl - Will this show depress me too badly? I guess I'll find out.
  • Hell Girl - Is this show "weirdness of the week" or is there more to it?
  • Jyu-Oh-Sei - I can't remember what I've heard about this one, but I remember thinking I should check it out...
  • Murder Princess - I almost got this one at Hastings because the series is really cheap, but is it actually worth it?
  • Nabari No Ou - The clips I've seen look awesome, and I have a soft spot for shows with ninjas.
  • Sgt. Frog - Sgt. Frog is now an anime?! When did that happen?
  • Soul Eater - FUNimation is putting out Soul Eater?! Oh, I've wanted to see that one for ages!
  • Welcome to the NHK - I found out about this when I was trying to put together read-alikes/watch-alikes for Train Man.

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