Friday, November 12, 2010

Current big global editing project

I'm halfway through my current large global editing project that is cleaning up the name headings (flipping subfield q and d so that they're in the correct order), deleting obsolete subfield w's in access points, and fixing obsolete indicators in several fields (100, 700, 110, 710, 260) in our oldest records. I looked at the numbers, and I think it'll take 10 more days of work to finish the whole project up. Not bad.

After this project is done, I think I'll go back to concentrating more on straightening up our authority records and name and subject headings - a never-ending job.

While I was doing some subfield q and d flipping, it occurred to me that the technique I was using could be used to fix other problems we have. Since the technique took a bit of work and a lot of testing for me to figure out in the first place, and since every step must be done in a particular order, I decided to save myself future pain by posting instructions, complete with screenshots, in our staff wiki. That'll keep me from having the reinvent the wheel when I finally get around to doing those other fixes.


  1. Now your just showing off...LOL! Yeah you! I know no one notices or says thank you, but it really is getting better!!! :)

  2. Lol! Yes, it makes me feel a bit better to mention some of this stuff. Catalog maintenance is one of those things where people don't necessarily notice changes, unless they're huge, aesthetic ones. Otherwise, it's more like, "hey, why doesn't my search work?" If things are improved, no one necessarily notices that they've improved.