Sunday, March 14, 2010

Done, until next year

I've finally done my taxes - after remembering them, forgetting them, remembering them, forgetting them, guilt-tripping myself about them, stressing about them, etc. Now I just have to get past that portion of my brain that wonders if I did something wrong or didn't do something I should have - I think it's related to the same portion of my brain that thinks I might've left a burner on, every time I leave the house. I have this vision of IRS employees being like the guys with blue latex gloves in Firefly.


  1. I LOVE doing my taxes. It gives me a chance to use my accounting degree. The online versions are great! My only issues to waiting for the refund.

  2. You can't see me, but I'm giving you the same look some people give me when I say things like "I love cataloging" or "I love doing record maintenance work." Even with step-by-step guidance, it's definitely not my idea of fun.

  3. For me the challenge with the taxes is getting the withholding just right so that I owe money in April, but not owe so much that there is a penalty. I regard getting a refund as a failure of sorts - why let the government get the interest on that money instead of me?

    For the same reason, my taxes won't be completely done until April 15 (although I do a rough draft of them in early February). At the moment we owe about $400, so I need to decrease the withholding a little bit.