Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More books online

I've been using Podiobooks a lot lately for my work listening - I think I burned out on webcasts, so getting back to audio books has been nice. I've listened to 3 complete works so far (almost 3, actually) and enjoyed 2 of them. I'm on the very last file of the 3rd work, so I'm going to have to decide what to listen to next. One thing I do wish the site had is the ability to limit a search to completed books and to a particular category at the same time. The closest I've been able to come to doing this is to limit my search to completed books and then do a keyword search for the category as it is listed in the category list. Still, it'd be nice if there were something like an advanced search - that's going to become more important as Podiobooks collects more titles.

If I had an e-book reader, I might also find myself visiting Internet Archive a lot for my home reading. It might take some doing to find stuff I'd actually want to read during my free time, but there's quite a lot here.

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