Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yuki in 3 varieties for DSL

I was working on what I think might be the last of my DSL activities, messing around with Picnik. I used the photo of my rat Yuki that I posted earlier in this blog (see the original photo here). I loved playing around with the various effects, but I couldn't decide which effect looked best, so I did several. Here are the three varieties of Yuki:

This one's the "action shot." He's Super Yuki, going after the last crumbs of food as quickly as he can.

This is the awesome one, that makes Yuki look kind of cool.

This is the sweet nostalgic shot. It's too bad this isn't a picture of him sleeping or something - that would be cuter.


  1. The second one is really cool!

  2. I like the top one. Neat air effects.